Transekt Agency

Transekt Agency

We're a creative group offering transformative research, skill building, and design facilitation services.

Whether you are attempting to develop a new product or service, or you are seeking to better understand your existing community’s needs, we are there to shape research processes or innovation programs that bring stakeholders’ perspectives into view and steer value-driving experiences. We work either as external experts, or embedded in your teams to generate insights, knowledge, and innovation.

We cut across disciplines, industries, and sectors to provide guidance on processes of change, innovation, and accountability. Our aim is to be a support and guide in striving towards environmental, economic, and social justice. We provide learning experiences, innovation programs, and research in areas of new work, organizational design, cooperativism, statecraft, and other topics relevant to social innovation.

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What we can do for you:

We design learning journeys, research processes, engagement strategies, and participatory planning sessions. We lead with cultural transformation, equity and justice capacity building, and organizational design frameworks. Industrial and commercial activities are the greatest contribution to environmental harms. We aim to work with our clients to mitigate environmental, social, and economic injustices. We bring the same innovation tools, methods, and approaches that the world's most successful companies use in creating new products and services to the pursuit of a more equitable and just world. From private concern to public services, we are your partner to cut through the difficult, unclear, and complicated processes of design, strategy, and innovation.

We do

As creative problem solvers, we draw from many creative practices to develop appropriate approaches to your business and stakeholder challenges. The skillsets from which we draw include:

  • Platform Design (Certified Facilitator of Boundaryless’ Platform Design Toolkit)
  • Service Design
  • Innovation Management
  • Ideation
  • Prototyping
  • Pilot Programs
  • Measurement & Evaluation
  • Design Research
  • Research Design (UX)
  • Design Thinking
  • Transformation Strategy
  • Cultural Change
  • DEI Consulting & Coaching
  • Engagement & Facilitation
  • Participatory Design
  • Program Development
  • Capacity Building
  • International Development
  • Organizational Development
About us

Transekt Agency

When you are attempting to develop a new product or service we are there to guide you through those complex experiences. We are coaches, facilitators, consultants, and experts in situating knowledge and contextualizing insights towards the construction of equitable and just design.

We cut across disciplines, industries, and sectors to provide guidance on processes of change, innovation, and accountability. Our aim is to be a support and guide in striving towards environmental, economic, and social justice. Whatever your goals are we have the process know-how to get you there in a creative and strategic manner.

Transekt Agency has been a beneficiary of both Social Tides’ Aspire social entrepreneurship incubator program, and the Social Economy Berlin Initiative of SEND e.V. Our work supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Particularly goals (8) decent work and economic growth, (9) industry, innovation, and infrastructure, (10) reduced inequalities, (11) sustainable cities and communities, (12) responsible consumption and production, (16) peace, justice, and strong institutions, and (17) partnerships for the goals.


Transekt Agency works to bring social, environmental, and economic justice to the foreground in all of our work. We support initiatives of transformation which embody harm reduction, critical theory, design justice, intersectionality, inclusion, and equity. Our aim is to be bold and transparent in our work as we approach product, service, and social innovation with an intention to design better. We believe in the power of participation and seek to construct transdisciplinary engagements which address specific community needs and goals. (The following list is modified from the work of Flavia Caviezel, 2016)

  1. Processes are predominantly controlled by the research teams
  2. Use of various creative methods in collaborating with different partners and clients
  3. Use of different media formats to communicate subjects, ranging from video and photography to exhibitions and plays; actors are sensitized through the use of artifacts and events
  4. Focus on critical analysis of the contemporary understanding of science, of questions of representation, and the organization of knowledge management and transfer in ways that reduce exploitation and tokenization
  5. Encouragement of stimulating and disturbing results which encourage reflection amongst all partners; critical race theory, critical whiteness, as well as other feminist knowledges and practices
  6. Shaping practice partners’ expectations in relation to usefulness and applicability of results


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